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    Examines the lives of several women who actively participated in the social revolution during the Spanish Civil War, women who are as dynamic in their 80s as they were in their youth. All are members of the anarcho-syndicalist trade union, the CNT, the main representative of the working class movement in Spain in 1936. Featuring rare archival footage and photos from the period, this video provides a warm encounter with women whose ideal of "a more just and humane society" has lasted a lifetime.

    Directed by Lisa Berger and Carol Mazer
    1986, 54 minutes
    Spanish dialog with English subtitles
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    * Merit Award, Athens Video Festival

    "...the women in the CNT, now in their 80s, are still dynamic as they recall events that shaped their lives...Their record of achievement is substantial and their continued commitment is inspiring." - Library Journal

    "...could be used for women's studies and political science classes at the graduate level." - Choice (American Library Association)

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