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    Directed by J. Edward Milner
    1989, 28 minutes
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    An inside look at the last generation of Vietnamese to remember the horrors of the Vietnam War and the first to hope for an end to the country's isolation by increasing trade and communication with the West. These young adults still embrace the old ways, living with their extended families in houses warmed by firewood and without running water, but they also enjoy American pop music and Western sports like football. The film features interviews with a young nurse, and also visits with students in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam's young people are shown to be eager to forgive and forget and to reestablish diplomatic relations with the U.S. Their hope is that today, after years of silence and distrust, the youth of both nations can learn from each other.

    "Showing the young working to better their homeland, this positive production profiles young adults who are eagerly learning English and yearning for more contact with the popular culture of the U.S."--Booklist (American Library Association)

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