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    Directed by Toshi Matsushita
    1995, 38 minutes

    This beautifully photographed video gives a rare (for Americans) view of Cuba. Apart from its current economic crisis as an embattled socialist government, it is also an undeniably beautiful Caribbean island which current U.S. laws prevent most American tourists from visiting. This video gives us tantalizing glimpses of some of the island's renowned beaches, with their white sands and crystal clear waters, famous tourist sites (such as the Tropicana nightclub) and street scenes in major cities such as Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, Pinar del Rio and Cien Fuegos, as well as the wildlife and natural beauties of the tropical countryside. The musical accompaniment (in hi-fi stereo) features the salsa rhythms of amateur musicians as well as some of Cuba's internationally famous singers and bands, including Orquesta Aragón, Carlos Puebla, Joseito Fernández, Celina Gonzalez, Abelardo Barroso, Elena Burke, and Seleste Mendoza.

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    "The perfect tourist video...will tantalize those who don't yet know Cuba, and excite nostalgia and enjoyment in those who do."
    —Cuba Update