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    Directed by Hector Olivera
    1974, 107 minutes
    Spanish dialogue with English subtitles
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    This classic of the Latin American cinema is based on actual historical events involving the brutal military suppression of a series of strikes during the early Twenties by rural workers in the southernmost province of Argentina. The film's narrative, set within a richly detailed social context and mounted as a colorful action film, features fascinating character studies of the main protagonists, including the anarcho-syndicalist leaders of the workers' movement and the ruthless military commander who realizes too late that he is merely a tool of the wealthy landowners. Now available again after being out of distribution in the U.S. for over ten years, Rebellion in Patagonia succeeds in conveying its social themes through an emotionally compelling human drama.

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    "A political film of unusual artistry, intelligence, and power...a gripping presentation...provides a Latin American history lesson rich in atmosphere, as well as engrossing drama."--Cue

    "...a superbly thoughtful and ironic film...has a marvelous sweep and historical consciousness."--The New Yorker