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    Directed by Estela Bravo
    1992, 60 minutes
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    Examines the continuing human tragedy of families divided as a result of the thirty year conflict between the U.S. and Cuba. In a series of emotionally moving interviews and airport scenes filmed in both Miami and Havana, the documentary reveals the emotional devastation wrought by the lack of diplomatic relations and the restrictions on travel, telephone and other communications between the countries. The video also examines the successive waves of Cuban emigration (including immediately after the 1959 revolution and the 1980 Mariel boatlift), America's thirty year economic blockade of Cuba, and the controversial U.S. imprisonment and deportation back to Cuba of the "excludables."

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    "...provides a superb view of a politically and culturally volatile and complex community...a simply shot and understated documentary which manages to pack a great deal of often heart-wrenching emotion into an hour's viewing. An extremely useful video for putting human faces on current affairs. Highly recommended."--Video Librarian

    "...heart-wrenching...a canto latino triste, the sad song of familial love turned into pain by exile."--Enrique Fernandez, The New York Daily News