THE CHILDREN'S WAR (guerra dos meninos)

THE CHILDREN'S WAR (guerra dos meninos)

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    Directed by Sandra Werneck
    1991, 52 minutes
    English dubbed or English subtitled version
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    In the last five years, more than 1,800 children have been murdered in Brazil, and the country now has over 7,000,000 homeless children. They survive by begging, scavenging in rubbish bins, or resorting to petty theft or prostitution. This prize-winning documentary examines both the causes and consequences of the brutal war of extermination Brazilian society is waging against its own children. The film visits the slums, the suburbs, and the alleys, revealing the extent of this national scandal, as well as the police brutality and the activities of professional 'death squad' killers hired to kill the children.

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    Best Medium-Length Film and Best Director, Gramado Film Festival (Brazil)