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    Code: 1889

    Produced by Eileen Douglas and Ron Steinman
    2002, 57 mins.
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    This historical video uses rare film footage, an extensive collection of archival photos, and interviews with former residents to re-create the fabric of daily life in the predominantly Jewish market town, or shtetl, of Luboml in prewar Poland. The video reveals Luboml as a vibrant town where religious tradition and community life coexisted. No quaint rural village, Luboml was an important regional market town, complete with theater, a cinema, electric lights, sports teams, and numerous trades and businesses, factories and workshops. Nazi genocidal actions in Poland in 1941-42 destroyed the Jewish community in Luboml, including the execution of nearly all its Jewish citizens, as recounted through moving interviews with Holocaust survivors and other former residents of Luboml.

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    "...a great addition to any Social Studies classroom that would bring History to life."
    Media & Methods

    "A must-see gem."
    The Forward

       "Without romanticizing it, the filmmakers use archival photos and interviews with survivors to bring Luboml to life again."
    New York Post

    "Here is a film that captures and preserves those lost human riches."
    Cynthia Ozick, author of The Pagan Rabbi and Other Stories and The Messiah of Stockholm

    "It is a glorious celebration of life."
    Mandy Patinkin

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