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    Directed by Erik Gandini and Tarik Saleh
    2001, 60 mins.
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    At 1:10 p.m. on October 9th, 1967, Sgt. Teran stepped into the room where Che Guevara was being held and shot him. After a year of guerrilla warfare in Bolivia with only a few fighters, the legendary revolutionary leader was now dead. The one person singled out as ultimately responsible for Guevara's capture was his former lieutenant, Ciro Bustos. When captured earlier by the Bolivian Army, he drew portraits of Che and his men. Since that time he has been living quietly in Europe. In this investigative documentary, Bustos for the first time tells his story. His version of those events, combined with interviews with historians, former CIA agents and Bolivian army officers, raises serious questions about how history is written.

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    "One would think that Che Guevara, especially his assassination in Bolivia, would be an exhausted topic by now. Think again. Filmmakers Erik Gandini and Tarik Saleh go so much farther than most journalists or film and videomakers ever do in this fine model of investigative documentary...They shed light, a lot of light, on the case in a manic style that echoes the actual process of hardcore journalism." —Howard Feinstein, The Village Voice film critic

    "Powerful…an engaging and revealing work with splendid moments…a must-see for anyone interested in Che and in the question of representation of heroes and villains." —(Cineaste).

    "Clever, accomplished, and cool to look at." —(Video Librarian)