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    Directed by Bill Weaver
    2000, color, 52 mins.
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    How many times have you heard people, even yourself, say, "I can't sing," or "I'm tone deaf"? Ninety-nine percent of the time, this is a fallacy, a misconception that can be dispelled in less than five minutes. This documentary profiles three women who are reviving a musical legacy, a birthright, which so many of have lost—the simple act of singing.

    Shivon Robinsong is director of the Gettin' Higher Choir, a no-audition choir whose members, most convinced they can't carry a tune, are soon performing at live concerts to sellout crowds, and in the process are learning as much about community as about music.

    Gina Sala has overcome what might be perceived as the limitations of a high-pitched voice to develop a distinctive singing style, filtered through fourteen different languages, and who also works with teenagers to overcome their own musical and vocal insecurities.

    Laurel Murphy, who has returned to singing after a decade-long hiatus through the inspiration of her mentor, improvisational stylist Rhiannon, now performs publicly, teaches weekly classes in improv, and organizes SongRise, an annual public improvisational chorus that sings in the New Year.

    The video vividly demonstrates how these women are breathing new life, creativity, and health into their communities, their culture, and the world at large, and gives viewers a fresh new perspective on the artist that lies within each of us.

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    "If you mumble along under your breath when it's time for hymns or anthems, and if you sing out loud only when you're alone in the car and the radio is going full blast, then this video is for you. There's a whole alternative world of music-making out there that's tuneful, musically uninhibited, and remarkably liberating." —The Toronto Star

    "Watching Sing! Healing, Community, Celebration, even I felt my cracked, song-shy voice itching to join the on-screen chorus. The best way to enjoy this fine feature isn't slouched in front of the boob tube, mute as a channel-changer. Instead, crank up the volume, lift your head, and sing along." —Monday Magazine