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    Directed by Tsitsi Dangarembga
    2002, 74 mins.
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    This video examines a growing problem in Zimbabwe, where herds of elephants from national parks and wildlife preserves are invading farming villages, destroying crops and occasionally killing villagers. The extent of the problem is revealed in interviews with farmers, who also show how they are attempting to protect their crops and families. A spokesperson for Campfire, a national resources management program, discusses the country's quota system for the licensed hunting of elephants and other animals, with additional perspectives offered by safari organizers and national park employees.

    This film also reveals efforts to prevent the criminal poaching of the elephant population for their ivory tusks, and shows how this highly prized commodity is inventoried, sold, and turned into expensive crafts and jewelry. In Kenya, advocates of the Save the Elephant campaign and the Kenya Wildlife Service discuss how their country is dealing with this controversial wildlife issue.

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