WOMEN IN BLACK (by Donna Baillie)

WOMEN IN BLACK (by Donna Baillie)

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    Directed by Donna Baillie
    2002, color, 53 mins.
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    This video documents the activities of Women in Black, a multinational organization that holds vigils for peace around the world, focusing on their efforts to promote a peaceful resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We follow the London branch of Women in Black as they travel to the West Bank to form a human shield around Palestinian civilians. These feisty women, dubbed ‘Hell's Grannies' by the British press, also force an Israeli tank off the road, affixing a ‘Return to Sender' notice on it, dismantle roadblocks around Palestinian villages, and engage in "tactical friendliness" with Israeli soldiers and settlers. The video also features interviews with members of the Israeli Women in Black, Jewish Israeli women who in 1988 founded the organization to protest their government's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, as well as Palestinians struggling to maintain normal family life while surrounded by tanks and snipers, a Jewish settler woman who voices fears for her family, and documents the impact of the recent siege on life in Bethlehem, and the harsh realities of everyday life in the Jenin refugee camp.

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    “...effectively conveys reasons for Palestinian outrage, with stark evidence of the destruction wrought by the Israeli armed forces...For strong Middle East collections.” - Library Journal

    “...powerful and darkly illuminating…It puts a human face to the headlines and is a compassionate call for a new relationship badsed on mutual tolerance and understanding.” - Time Out (London)

    “...a truly uplifting story about women trying to pursue a hands-on, non-violent path to peace...a must-see.” - The Age (Australia)

    "Donna Baillie's camera captures opposition to Israeli Occupation that Westerners cannot easily ignore." -Al-Jadid magazine