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    Directed by Leslye Abbey
    2003, 62 mins.
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    Civilization's love affair with the dog is both ancient and significant. And the breeding and ‘showing' of ‘man's best friend' is very old indeed. Regularly throughout the year, at the many prestigious Dog Shows, hundreds of breeders from all over the country present the very best. These dogs are representative of the astonishing diversity that decades of meticulous breeding has accomplished. Over 150 dog breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club alone. While showing at these events, the dogs are evaluated alongside other competitors to eventually contend for the highly coveted top prize—Best in Show.

    Behind all this glamour and excitement lies never-ending hard work, enormous amounts of love, and an all-consuming dedication that is difficult to imagine. Caution: Show Dogs profiles four top breeders and their dogs, who share the years of knowledge and experience required to produce consistent champions, and behind-the-scenes footage and interviews at numerous dog shows reveal the excitement and exhilaration of the world of Show Dogs.

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    Best Song/Children’s category —American Song Writers Association

    * * * "Sure to be a favorite of everyone who loves dogs...this offbeat little title is recommended." —Video Librarian

    “...educational and entertaining...[with] humor and depth...You don’t have to be a show dog owner to enjoy this film.” —The Bellmore Herald

    “The wide variety of show dogs are sometimes beautiful, sometimes magnetically unusual and, in the case of the puppies, terrific fun...Show Dogs provides a lot of fun moments because it succeeds on a lot of different levels...If you love animals or unusual people, Caution: Show Dogs will be the cat’s pajamas to you.” —Long Island Entertainment News