HOT TALK (Series)

HOT TALK (Series)

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    Produced by Saul Landau
    1997-2003, color,
    32 Individual Programs, 30 mins.each
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    In this ongoing video series, Saul Landau—internationally known scholar, author, lecturer, and filmmaker—talks to guests about current events, politics, social issues, education, religion, and entertainment, among a wide range of other topics. Programs currently available include discussions with:
    • James Abourezk (former U.S. Senator from South Dakota)
    • Ed Asner (actor and longtime activist)
    • Lowell Bergman (former 60 Minutes producer)
    • The Rev. Sally Bingham (Episcopal priest at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco)
    • Carol Brightman (Editor of Viet Report and National Book Award-wining author of a biography of Mary McCarthy)
    • Soraya Castro (scholar and expert on U.S.-Cuba relations)
    • Alexander Cockburn (author and columnist for The Nation)
    • Peter Dreier (Professor of Politics and Director of the Public Policy Program at Occidental College)
    • Marc Ellis (Professor of American and Jewish Studies at Baylor University)
    • Mike Farrell (actor and advocate against the death penalty)
    • Gaeton Fonzi (Kenedy assassination journalist and investigator for the House Assassination Committee)
    • Juan Garces (Spanish lawyer political advisor to Salvador Allende and author of the legal brief against Gen. Augusto Pinochet)
    • Adolfo Gilly (Professor of Political Science at the National University of Mexico)
    • Tom Hayden (author political activist and California State Senator)
    • Jon Hillson (author)
    • Christopher Hitchens (journalist and author)
    • Dr. Mahmood Ibrahim (Chair History Department California State University Pomona)
    • Jude Narita (actor writer and performance artist)
    • Doreen Nelson (Professor College of Education and Integrative Studies Cal Poly Pomona)
    • Marta Nunez (on Women in Cuba Today)  
    • Edward James Olmos (actor and social activist)
    • Ayad Al Qazzaz (Professor of Sociology California State University Sacramento)
    • Victor Quintana (activist organizer former member of Mexican Congress Professor University of Juarez)
    • Marcus Raskin (author Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies)
    • John Ross (Mexican writer and activist)
    • Robert Scheer (Los Angeles Times columnist)
    • Dr. Marvin A. Sweeney (Claremont School of Theology)
    • Miguel Tinker-Salas (Associate Professor at Pomona College on the crisis in Venezuela)
    • Sanho Tree (historian researcher and Director of the Project on Drug Policy at the Institute for Policy Studies)
    • Jesus Trevino (filmmaker and author)
    • Santiago Valles (Professor of Caribbean Studies Western Michigan University)
    • Jack Willis (author and Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker)
    • Daphne Wysham (Director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network at the Institute for Policy Studies).

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