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    Directed by Laura Plotkin
    1999, color, 60 mins.
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    This documentary profiles Gina ‘Boom Boom' Guidi and her rise to the top ranks of women's professional boxing. Raised by a single mother in a tough San Francisco Bay Area neighborhood, Guidi struggled throughout adolescence with poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence and homophobia. It was in the cramped gyms and boxing rings of San Francisco and Oakland that Gina found her true calling. Female professional boxing is not the fantasy world of nighclub ‘foxyboxing' or ‘mud wrestling' but a world where physical and mental endurance are the key ingredients for success in the ring. The video captures Guidi's immense strength and determination as she challenges prevailing stereotypes of women in her personal and professional quest to win the IFBA junior-middle-weight championship belt.

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    "...fascinating...Guidi emerges as an outrageous, compelling and humane representative of a sometimes inhuman sport.” - The Village Voice

    Recommended "This video would be an excellent addition to sports and gay and lesbian collections in universities and colleges." - Educational Media Reviews Online