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    Directed by Jonathan Gruber
    2001, color, 57 mins.
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    This inspirational video chronicles the emotional journey home of one Holocaust survivor—Pola Susswein. The video travels from balmy, vibrant Israel, where Pola is an active member of her local community, to Poland, where Pola recounts for the first time her war experiences to 200 students on the "March of the Living" program. The group visits the concentration camps of Treblinka, Madjanek, Plashow, Auschwitz and Birkenau. Aware that she is one of the "last remnants of a generation that is dying out," Pola agrees to relate and examine, with extraordinary honesty and at considerable sacrifice to her peace of mind, the most intense experience of her life. Although she had never discussed openly the traumatic events in her past to friends or family, Pola reveals herself out of her own need to explore these experiences. Pola speaks now to ensure that the past is never forgotten, and that the lessons of the Holocaust are transmitted to future generations.

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    Crystal Heart Award, Heartland Film Festival
    Bronze Apple, National, Educational Media Network


    “...provides a thoughtful, personal pathway into an overwhelming subject...never heavy-handed or overly didactic.” - Library Journal