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    Produced by Brian Danitz and Chris Zelov
    1994, 64 mins.
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    This video illuminates the emergence of ecological design in the twentieth century. Beginning with the work of Buckminster Fuller , from the 1920s through the 1960s, continuing through the counter-culture, and ending on the doorstep of the twenty-first century, the video follows the evolution of ecological design from the early visions of a few independent thinkers to the powerful movement it has become today.

    Ecological Design features the interdisciplinary perspectives of many noted designers and thinkers, including Jay Baldwin, Mary Catherine Bateson, John Toddy, Stewart Brand, Armory Lovins, and Paolo Soleri, among many others. As each designer leads us on a deep exploration of their design process, they reveal their methods, metaphors, inspirations, and commitment to a vision of a desirable future. Their prototypes range from microorganism to megastructure, but amidst the diversity a number of common themes emerge, including design as a way of life, designing with nature, regenerative design, creating new forms of wealth, the biosphere and the technosphere. A provocative educational tool, Ecological Design provides a practical basis for learning about the environment and about our capability to design a desirable and sustainable future.

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    Ecological Design: Inventing the Future provides a good overview for environmental design instruction. The program is very content rich and provides a stimulus for class discussions. Also, the in-depth coverage of Buckminster Fuller makes it essential for classes taking his concepts into account. Highly recommended for both public and academic library collections and as an individual purchase for architects and designers.” -EMRO

    Ecological Design: Inventing the Future covers the philosophical and aesthetic issues of industrial design with admirable insight. This is an example of first class filmmaking; it is a unique survey of the fields of contemporary architecture and city planing. The views are as controversial as they are deep. Even when one disagrees, the film never fails to be intellectually challenging.” - Theodore Roszak, author, Voice of the Earth

    Ecological Design: Inventing the Future is essential viewing for everyone. What each of us create today affects the course of human survival. This insightful film let’s us meet the great eco-designers of our time and see their wondrous visions of how we can build homes and communities that revitalize and sustain life on Earth. Their words and works are practical inspiration for dwelling in harmony with Nature’s miraculous dance.” - Anthony Lawlor, author, The Temple in the House