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    Directed by Jill Burnett and Anthonin Lhotsky
    2004, color, 32 minutes
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    This highly personal documentary tells the story of three individuals who escaped persecution at home based on their homosexuality to claim refugee status in the United States—Kahunya, who grew up on a mission station in Kenya where his father is a Bishop; Ana Claudia, a famous sports caster in Brazil; and Arslan, who was born into a "noble family" in Pakistan. Their combined stories are a powerful illustration of the universality of homosexuality, regardless of cultural origins, and the vulnerability faced by lesbians and gays in most parts of the world.

    The intolerance they encounter forces them to suppress their true identities not only from government officials, but from their closest family and friends. Filled with self-loathing and questioning, they walk a dangerous emotional tightrope that drives each to flee their homelands in search of a dignified existence to live openly as homosexuals. Besides portraying eloquent accounts of Kahunya's, Ana's, and Arslan's experiences, the film questions what kind of asylum the U.S. provides for them and what kind of "freedom" they have found.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Winner, Best Female Director, InsideOut Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
    * Official Selection, Amnesty International USA Film Festival, California
    * Official Selection, Sacramento International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
    * Official Selection, London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, UK
    * Official Selection, Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Spain
    * Official Selection, Vermont International Film Festival
    * Official Selection, Lodz International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival,Poland