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    Directed by Howard Libov
    2004, color, 30 mins.
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    The business of creating a work of art is difficult, arduous, physically and emotionally demanding. It takes a commitment and exacts a toll from the most determined of craftsmen. In January of 1993, painter Arie Galles walked out to his backyard studio to begin a series of new drawings he thought would take him one year to complete. Ten years later he has completed 'Fourteen Stations', a series of charcoal drawings based on surveillance photographs of German concentration camps. Fourteen Stations documents the effort, the time, the research and the personal toll the project exacted on the artist, who slowly reveals an unlikely connection to the heart of his unique work.

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    “Recommended… the director has done a fine job in weaving Galles’s biography, creative process, and vision together into a complete story.” Educational Media Reviews Online