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    Directed by Barbara Sostaric
    2003, color, 24 mins.
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    This poignant and inspiring documentary tells the story of Coopa-Roca, a cooperative of seamstresses in a shantytown in Rio de Janeiro who, in an effort to provide an income for their families, design and manufacture women's clothing and accessories. Through the assistance of a community volunteer, who provides fabric scraps and marketing expertise, the unique craftsmanship of these womenómost of them impoverished immigrants from the Brazilian Northeastócomes to the attention of internationally known fashion designers and clothing merchants. The video blends the stories of these womens' lives with an account of the successful development of the cooperative, which brought them much-needed income, independence in a culture dominated by men, and opened up their world in unexpected ways.

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    Recommended "An interesting introduction to a unique and successful social program." - Educational Media Reviews Online