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    Produced and directed by Runjoo Giri
    2004, 40 mins.
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    China is a giant developing at breakneck speed. It is shedding its old image of a big communist state with people in blue Mao suits working in communes and factories for the common good. Now the face of China has changed, not only on the surface, but also in attitudes of its people. Economic reforms and its opening up to foreign investments have given the average person the dream of economic freedom and all the toys that come with this new prosperity. Despite all this change, people are still friendly and eager to talk to foreigners and learn about the "outside world", a world they were locked out of for so long. This documentary is about five women in China from different age, social and economic groups whose lives reflect the lives of many women all over China today.

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    “The documentary does an admirable job of showing what life is like for women in China today, and will be useful for independent research or units on China.” – School Library Journal