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    Directed by Yael Bitton
    2004, 58 mins
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    From the bulldozing of the public garden Esperanza to the completion of the luxury condos built in its place, Not For Sale chronicles life on East Seventh Street in New York City and the transformations that have taken place in the lives of its inhabitants. The old-timers on the block, going about their daily lives amid gentrification, share their memories of what used to be an immigrant lower-class neighborhood. All around, new residential buildings--catering to young, white, professional singles--go up, eating away the remaining open space and changing the character of this older and mostly Puerto Rican community.

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    Recommended “Bitton’s thoughtful capturing of the first-person narratives on film makes this ever-present challenge of urban renewal come alive for the viewer. Using oral histories to document unsettling change is an effective means for studying this important civic issue and its effect upon existing residents... Students of architecture, journalism, sociology, and multiculturalism will find this program to be a fine addition to a collection.” --Educational Media Reviews Online