PASSIONATE VOICES: American Jews and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

PASSIONATE VOICES: American Jews and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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    Produced and Directed by: Cindy Burstein, Tony Heriza, Wendy Univer
    2004, 33 minutes,
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    Passionate Voices examines the American Jewish conversation about Israel and Palestine. With billions of dollars in U.S. aid pouring into the region each year, American public opinion has become a driving force in this dispute. From street demonstrations to kitchen table discussions, Passionate Voices follows committed individuals whose views span the political spectrum. Intercut with these activities are intimate interviews in which the subjects -ranging from a peace activist couple in their seventies to a staunchly Zionist 15-year-old - reveal the emotional and intellectual underpinnings of their diverse opinions. For Jews and non-Jews alike, the video provides a rare window into a community that is often perceived as monolithic, but is actually fractured and badly in need of healing. The film is designed to promote respectful dialogue on this divisive topic and raises questions such us: Do mainstream Jewish institutions foster dialogue, or silence dissent? Is there a room in this conversation for a range of ideas? If not, what is lost?

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