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    Directed by: William Archer
    2004, 30 minutes
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    Hand to Hand is William Archer's story, the story of an outsider learning about the American political process and coming to terms with his own ‘political' past in Britain.

    William Archer's father is Jeffrey Archer, a controversial figure in British politics. He has been a Member of Parliament and has worked for two Conservative Prime Ministers, Margaret Thatcher and John Major. When allegations surface in the British tabloids that Jeffrey Archer has slept with a prostitute, his son, William, sees first hand the destructive force of politics and media, and comes to view politics as a plague. Like many of today's youth, he avoids voting.

    In 2000, William Archer finds himself working as an aide for Senator Bill Bradley. A US Presidential campaign is the last place William expected to be, but he soon discovers the positive side to politics, the power of the vote. Hand to Hand follows William on his journey, from his apolitical life in England to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, through the small towns and communities of America's heartland, to Florida, one day after the General Election, where a voting crisis is about to illustrate the power of a single vote.

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    Recommended for students in higher education interested in an optimistic appraisal of American politics. Educational Media Review Online

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