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    Directed by: John O'Donnell
    Produced by: Jacqueline Larkin
    2004, 55 minutes
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    A Call To Arms tells the extraordinary story of the Young Irelanders and the Uprising of 1848 in Ireland. 1848 was a year when all of Europe was in turmoil and Ireland was no exception. The Young Irelanders were a group of well-to-do middle class intellectuals, made up of barristers, journalists and landlords who were influenced by the French Revolution and by the uprising which took place on the streets of Paris in 1848, when King Louis Philippe was replaced by the poet and idealist Alphonse de Lamar. Shortly after this uprising the Young Irelanders sailed to Paris to meet with Lamar. In fact this is the origin of Irish tri-color flag. It was given as a gesture of friendship and is based on the French colors. A Call To Arms concentrates on the three most enigmatic characters involved in the Young Irelanders movement: William Smith O'Brien, Thomas Francis Meagher and John Mitchell. The film examines the circumstances which led to the uprising in Ireland and traces the subsequent events after their capture and transportation to Van Diemens Land.

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    Recommended History instructors will find this a useful video for discussing either Irish history or the revolutionary movements in Europe during the 1840s, with parallels to other time periods. Educational Media Review Online