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    Directed by Danijela Majstorovic
    2004, 30 minutes
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    Counterpoint For Her exposes the brutal reality of human trafficking. This eye-opening documentary follows several men and women intimately involved in the trade, including a local Bosnian girl who, while living in Italy in 1992, was sold into the trade by a good friend of her brother. Her strory is just one of many instances of a large postwar expansion of sex trafficking that has taken root in Bosnia Herzegovina. Since 1995, nearly 7 billion dollars have been made from human trafficking and thousands of girls from neighboring Eastern European countries have been abused, both mentally and physically, and forgotten. Counterpoint For Her tells these womens' stories and looks at the social and economic conditions that have allowed human trafficking to flourish in the Balkans.

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    * Official Selection, Bosnia and Herzegovina Film Festival, New York City, 2006


    Counterpoint for Her does a good job of exploring the social, political, and economic conditions that have allowed human trafficking to flourish. Recommended. - Video Librarian

    "Counterpoint for Her is a short documentary that powerfully acknowledges the tragedy of sex slavery in Bosnia." - Pop Matters