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    Directed by: Robyn Kinsey Mooring
    2004,37 mins
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    Generation X: Searching for Identity focuses on The Content of Our Character project based at Duke University and its effort to spark conversation about values and leadership among our nation's 20- and 30-somethings - a generation often criticized as apathetic and self-absorbed. The documentary shows how and why this group of 50 ‘Generation Xers' have spent the last five years countering the unflattering stereotypes of their generation and to get people talking, not only about what they expect from themselves, but what they expect from others as well. The group has written a document addressing many of today's ethical issues facing our nation at the community, business and political levels.

    The primary focus of this documentary is on three of the individuals who founded the project and why they felt compelled to address many of the ethical issues and stereotypes facing their generation. It looks at how the idea for the project came about, what some of the biggest challenges have been and what the founders hoped the end result would be.

    Generation X: Searching for Identity sheds light on one of the most ambiguous generations in our nation's history. This journey of generational "self-discovery" offers a glimpse into what makes today's 20- and 30-somethings tick and why they offer more hope for the future than many give them credit for.

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    “Interesting, inspirational, and well produced, this video is appropriate for all high school and academic libraries.” Marianne Eimer, SUNY–Fredonia Library