WALTER ROSENBLUM: In Search Of Pitt Street

WALTER ROSENBLUM: In Search Of Pitt Street

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    Directed by Nina Rosenblum
    1999, color, 56 minutes
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    A documentary film on the life and career of noted photographer, Walter Rosenblum. The child of Jewish immigrants, Rosenblum was raised on New York's Lower East Side and began his career at the Photo League, where he met and studied with two legendary figures, Lewis Hine and Paul Strand. Rosenblum won acclaim for his photographic series on Pitt Street, a bustling immigrant neighborhood in New York, and recognition as one of the most decorated WWII combat photographers for his moving photographs of the D-Day landing on Omaha Beach and the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp. The New York Times has described his work as being suffused with "formal beauty and expressive power and tenderness." This film is an intimate portrait by his daughter, veteran non-fiction filmmaker, Nina Rosenblum, director of the Academy Award nominated Through the Wire and America and Lewis Hine.

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    "In this one-hour film, Nina Rosenblum traces the remarkable career of her father, from his famous Pitt Street photos of his immigrant neighbors in the late 1930s to the gut-wrenching movie footage he shot as one of the first American soldiers to enter Dachau…. Walter Rosenblum is a genius, but what comes through just as clearly is his shimmering humanity." Critic’s Pick - Chuck Wilson, LA Weekly

    “Highly recommended for all libraries. The appeal of this film lies not only in Walter Rosenblum’s work; it resides in the genuine concern he has for his subjects. …His photos are an important social documentary of times, places, and people that are often excluded from the pages of history.”- Educational Media Reviews Online

    "An affectionate tribute... abetted by plenty of archival footage and images." – Dennis Harvey, Variety