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    Produced by: Animated Century Productions
    2005, 92 mins.
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    The Animated Century is the first ever comprehensive history of animation worldwide. Animated hosts Professor Edward Arlington Elderberry and his disciple Horace, created by America's most prolific animator Bill Plympton, introduce clips from 160 films from 26 countries, and discuss the most significant animated films of the past 100 years- everything from Emile Reynaud and Winsor McCay's early works, to Fleischer, Disney and Warner Brothers in the United States, to historically important films from every continent, including works from renowned animators such as Svankmajer, Ocelot, Plympton, Aardman, and Servais. They also demonstrate the different animation techniques, such as pin screen, pixillation, rotoscope, and cutout and puppet animation. This remarkable film is a wonderful, in-depth look at our animated century.

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    "A terrific, entertaining, intelligent history of the animated film. From the earliest scratchings to the latest computer graphics, this fascinating story tells it all." --KEN BURNS, Director of the PBS documentaries, The Civil War and Baseball

    “Amusing as it is informative. It shows snippets of 160 films from 26 countries, sweeping through a long history - from Disney to Japanese anime - and a wide variety of techniques with skill and humor.” --Christian Science Monitor

    “The producers have been remarkably successful in securing very rarely seen international animation and contextualizing it both culturally and historically. Highly sophisticated technical information is simplified for the average viewer and entertainingly presented.” --David Ehrlich, Professor of Film and Television Studies - Dartmouth College