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    Produced and Directed By: Soodabeh Oskoui Babcock & James Babcock
    Length: 56 mins
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    The Middle East is a region filled with contradictions and is often thought of as a place of chaos and war. Mainstream media insists on reporting only the turmoil, pandemonium, and bloodshed, but rarely presents the true sentiments of the majority of the people, who live their daily lives longing for peace. In Comedy Middle Eastern Style, with a mix of humor and candid interviews, Middle Eastern standup comics living in New York share their views on political issues and the prejudice they've had to endure since September 11, 2001. Arab, Israeli, Pakistani, and Iranian comics are among the many on stage in a given night telling their stories and trying to make sense of the complicated world they came from. This documentary looks at the power humor has to heal the wounds of war, and perhaps allow each of us to understand one another a little better.

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    * Official Selection, Middle East Studies Conference, 2005


    “This is a very funny video that raises salient points about political and cultural issues and is highly recommended.” -EMRO