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    Length: 50 mins
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    Castro: Man and Myth is an intimate portrayal of one of history's most controversial leaders: Fidel Castro. The man who freed Cuba from a crushing regime and lived a Communist dream, stood up to American and international condemnation, yet survives to this day. Undoubtedly a legendary figure, Castro is also full of contradictions - some see him as a hero, others as a ruthless dictator. Who is the real Castro?

    The video follows Castro on some of his daily routines and combines remarkable archive footage with unique interviews from close friends, family, allies and enemies, including Castro's daughter, Che Guevara's daughter and a fellow revolutionary, later imprisoned by Castro.

    Together, Castro: Man and Myth presents a side of Castro seldom seen on screen; from his wealthy middle class background, his student days and private life as a family man, to his complicated relationship with the USA and the intriguing events surrounding John F Kennedy's assassination. Following the end of the cold war, we witness how he re-invents his international image.

    Join us as we uncover the life of this enigmatic figure in all its detail and unravel the truth behind Castro: Man and Myth.

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    “This documentary is well researched and fascinating. This critical portrayal is evenhanded as much as possible in that it does not seek to romanticize or condemn the Cuban Revolution or the figure of Castro. Instead, it seeks to present their successes and failures without passion… Recommended for high school students, college students, adult viewers, and the libraries that serve them." - Educational Media Reviews Online

    "This film is an interesting, objective look at Castro's life and his revolution, making it a good choice for secondary collections." - School Library Journal