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    2005, 50 minutes
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    Brave New Men is an extraordinary triple-portrait of charismatic, top-notch geneticists from the wildly different "gene cultures" of Europe, the U.S. and Asia. In China, our protagonist Yang Huanming feels increasingly uneasy about the high hopes of politicians and the general public for quick successes of genetics, including dreams like an "improvement of the Chinese pool" by way of genetic technology.

    Much different from these qualms are the problems of Kári Stefansson, whose company deCode came under attack when it acquired a license to exploit the collected genetic and genealogical data of all Icelanders, both living and dead. Using this data Stefansson hopes to find cures more efficient than all therapies to date. Finally, W. French Anderson received death threats after becoming a scientific celebrity as the "father of genetic therapy" when he performed the first successful clinical gene therapy trial in 1990.

    Each of these scientists bears the torch of this breathtaking scientific seachange in the making. Their devotion to the subject has made them objects of both great admiration and furious attacks. Our film provides insight into their lives and their quest to help mankind to overcome disease.

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    "Recommended. Captures the strength and determination of these individuals." - Educational Media Reviews Online