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    Produced and Directed by: Selcuk Oksuzoglu
    2005, 40 minutes
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    The Restorer is an anthropological documentary about a Turkish-Armenian immigrant, Zeron Ayvazian, an antique rug restorer, living in New York City. Zeron tries to restore old carpets in a city where modern sensibilities and a post 9/11 economy threaten to destroy his traditional handcraft, which has been passed down for generations in his native Anatolia.

    The film demonstrates the day-to-day economic consequences of a post 9/11 America on the life of a middle-class immigrant who unwillingly gives up his American Dream.

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    *Winner-Audience Award for the Best Documentary, 11th Boston Turkish Festival, 2006


    "Highly Recommended. A touching and moving documentary." - Educational Media Reviews Online