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    Produced and Directed by: Barbara Weissenbeck
    2005, 50 minutes
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    Danceweb is an intimate, rewarding film that gives a unique understanding of the world of contemporary dance by following three young dancers; Ksenia from New York, Martin from Uruguay and Ulrika from Sweden, as they attend the world's largest contemporary dance festival IMPULS TANZ VIENNA. The film follows the three main protagonists in during this five week period - from the first training classes to the dance recitals performed by internationally renowned companies to the final celebrations. The film captures the dancers at several technique workshops and at IMPULS Tanz performances, instructed by international choreographers like Compagnie Marie CHOUINARD (Montréal), Akram KHAN COMPANY (London), Wim VANDEKEYBUS & ULTIMA VEZ (Brüssel) and many more.

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