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    Produced by: Paul Haggar & Sherri Sussman
    2005, 32 minutes
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    We've all seen homeless people pushing shopping carts down the street, shopping carts packed to the brim with all kinds of "junk." But what's actually inside those shopping carts anyway? In an almost surreal show-and-tell, this documentary allows homeless people to explain just what they carry in their traveling carts—and why. In this simple and humanizing film, some thirty men and women explain what they have in their carts, and why the items they push around are so important to their physical, psychological, and spiritual survival. You'll never look at those carts the same way again!

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    “A good addition to any public or academic library collection. Recommended.” –Educational Media Reviews Online

    “The filmmakers’ ingenious concept yields fascinating (and somber) insights that will provide students with a window into the lives of the homeless and, more generally, a greater understanding of the trials facing those less fortunate.” – School Library Journal

    Life In a Basket deserves credit for casting a bright light on one form of bleak poverty in America’s land of plenty.” –Video Librarian