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    Directed By: George Wrenn
    2005, Length: 23 minutes
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    How long do butterflies live? Why are butterflies colors so bright? What is a larvae? How are butterflies and moths different than other insects? Butterflies provides comprehensive answers to these questions and presents an informative, educational and visually stunning look at our favorite winged creatures.

    The program has dedicated segments for all four life stages of the butterfly life-cycle. Live footage of an adult butterfly emerging from its crystalis provides an exciting and enriching experience for all viewers. The program is sprinkled with expert commentary on butterfly conservation & preservation and covers all the life stages of these magnificent creatures. Great for all ages and audiences, the DVD includes a bonus feature, a Windows Media HD 720p version of the program that can be played on a PC or projected using a digital projector. Narrated by Ted O'Brien (NOVA, PBS)

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    "This program is a professional presentation which would appeal to a wide range of ages, from K-8 and beyond. The film quality is exquisite. It is true to life, and close-up with intricate lepidopteron details clearly visible. The information includes all the basic information you would want to present to a science class studying the life cycle of butterflies. Life cycles are a recurring theme in the educational frameworks and science standards of most states." Velma A. Begley, M. Ed.-NSTA Multi-grade teacher South Shore Charter School Norwell, MA