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    Directed By: James Cullingham
    2005, 52 minutes
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    Does the solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians rest in the classroom rather than in the angry, fearful streets of the region? Lessons in Fear looks at Israeli and Palestinian kids on the frontlines of education, exploring the education system in both societies from ground up. In a media world obsessed with conflict, Lessons in Fear takes humanized, behind-the-scenes look at how ordinary kids are educated in one of the world's trouble spots.

    In the war-torn areas where civility and basic rights have been forgotten, the education of young minds is what gets affected the most. The film looks at the struggle to make education a positive force in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

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    "Lessons in Fear educates, informs, and helps the viewer observe life in two different cultures. This documentary is an excellent addition for collections with emphasis on Education and Middle Eastern Studies. Recommended." - Educational Media Reviews Online

    “For those new to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Lessons in Fear provides a good primer, delivered by compelling people on both sides.” – Al Jadid: A Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts

    "Lessons in Fear probes the other kinds of 'occupation.' Not just territorial, but the occupation of the soul..." - Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star