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    Directed By: Robert Fox
    Length: 29 mins.
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    Russian scientist Igor Novikov is renowned for his groundbreaking research in astrophysics and amazing theories on the concept of time. His research has been praised as some of the most important work of this century - it opens up doors to a completely new understanding of our world and universe. Novikov believes that time is circular - that the future shapes the present. He also believes that man is capable of building a time machine.

    Novikov's theories on the complex and often mind-blowing aspects of time travel are interwoven with memories from his own past as an orphan in Stalin's Russia where studies of the universe became a means of escape from reality. Incorporating rare and unique archive material from USA, Russia, Germany and Denmark, River of Time is a poetic journey into Novikov's theories, as well as his own experiences, of past, present and future.

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    * Official Selection, Documentary Fortnight, Museum of Modern Art, 2006


    “Russian scientist Igor Novikov speculates on the mysteries of time and time travel in this dreamlike documentary…. This film will make a welcome addition to school, public and academic libraries, and should spur the imaginations of a new generation of writers and scientists.” – Educational Media Reviews Online

    “A fascinating and accessible introduction to a subject that confounds our sense experience of the world.” – Leonardo: Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology

    “The best film we have seen on the subject of time … manages to illustrate the very abstract theories in a way which grip the viewer. It is truly a beautiful film.” - Theoretical Astrophysics Center-Denmark