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    Directed by Jerald Harkness
    2008, 60 minutes
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    The NCAA's Men's Basketball tournament, better known as March Madness, has created some of the greatest moments in sports history. In 1963, a game took place that literally changed the fabric of American society. The Loyola of Chicago Ramblers basketball team started four African-American players, and faced the subsequent pressure of overt nationwide discrimination and racism.

    Nearly 700 miles to the south, the all-white Mississippi State Bulldogs basketball team faced a discrimination of its own. After winning three consecutive SEC Championships, they were routinely denied participation in the NCAA tournament because of an unwritten Mississippi law that prohibited competition against African-American players. At the risk of losing their jobs, coach Babe McCarthy and university president Dr. Dean Colvard took a stand and challenged the system to allow this championship-caliber basketball team the well-earned right to play for an NCAA national championship.

    The Game of Change reaches far beyond sports, demonstrating this particular event's significance in the battle for race equality in a largely segregated country. This is the story of two seemingly different teams of young men who were unknowingly thrust into the harsh spotlight of racism in America who only wanted an opportunity to compete as equals on the basketball court, and who did so with respect and dignity.

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    “Highly recommended. A remarkable story. Interviews with many of those players as they remember the circumstances, brings the story home with a very personal touch. The saga is well told.” - Educational Media Reviews Online