CAMPESINOS... we will inherit the earth

CAMPESINOS... we will inherit the earth

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    Directed by Adam Pajot Gendron
    2009, 52 minutes
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    Most of us rarely think twice about being able to buy a fruit or a vegetable at any time of day, or month or season. Campesinos… We Will Inherit the Earth profiles three children in Central America whose farming families are responsible for growing products that are everyday staples in our society - and are available every day.

    Through the stories of young Duly, Jeneir, and Paul we are able to put a face on the people who harvest the food we eat. The families of these three children support themselves by operating organic fair trade farms. These children began working on their families' farms at very young ages, while also attending school and helping to care for their home.

    In this film we learn what a fair trade farm looks like, and how it differs from the large industrial farms that threaten the livelihood of these children's families. The film shows the lush land that these farms operate on, and juxtaposes this with harrowing shots of land that was stripped to make room for large non-organic farms.

    While they are unsure of what the future holds, these children have a deep love and respect for the land and for their duties on the farms. Their inspiring stories show us how we get the food we eat as well as the challenges they face.

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    “Highly recommended. Campesinos highlights the difficulties faced by organic, fair trade small farmers who compete in a world dominated by huge factory farms. It is a gorgeous movie with exquisite camera work and a musical score that enhances the beautiful cinematography. The three children are absolutely charming and tug on the heart strings.” - Educational Media Reviews Online