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    Directed by David Appleby and Craig Leake
    Narrated by Viola Davis
    2010, 56 minutes
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    Of the thirty most industrialized nations, the U.S. has the worst record of infant mortality, with African American babies dying at three times the rate of whites. In some places, that rate equals those of many third world countries. When filmmakers David Appleby and Craig Leake discovered that their hometown of Memphis has the highest infant mortality rate in the country, they decided to follow those individuals who were working to reverse the statistics. Soon they began meeting some of the young pregnant mothers most at risk, and decided to concentrate much of their efforts on learning more about their particular circumstances.

    The film takes us from the neo-natal intensive care unit where doctors and nurses fight for the lives of pre-term babies, to a county cemetery that buries so many infants the residents of the poorest neighborhoods call it "Babyland." We observe doctors, nurses, church volunteers and social workers as they try to navigate their way through dwindling resources, and we meet three teenage girls whose stories give us a glimpse into the stressful realities of the inner city - conditions that contribute significantly to the high mortality rate.

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    “[Three and a half stars!] Offering an eye-opening look at a distressing social crisis, this is highly recommended.” - Video Librarian

    “Recommended… brings to light a huge national blemish. Expertly filmed and edited... College and university faculty teaching about the health care crisis, socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues, and race relations may want to consider this film. It will be a welcome addition to library collections supporting all the health sciences, social work, sociology and psychology.” - Educational Media Reviews Online