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    Directed by Stephanie Johnes
    2007, 82 Minutes
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    Jumping rope is one of the most timeless and universal forms of play. It can be found in nearly every era and on every continent. No one knows for sure where it came from - some cite ancient Egypt, other say ancient China. Double Dutch is perhaps the most well-known type. Brought to America by early Dutch settlers, it became a popular form of inner-city street play and gained visibility in the early 1980s when it was associated with hip-hop music and culture.

    But in the last 30 years jump roping has moved off the sidewalks and onto the stage. The sport now features astounding acrobatics, lightning speed and international competition. Doubletime follows the top two American teams: The Bouncing Bulldogs of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and The Double Dutch Forces of Columbia, South Carolina. Although they train in neighboring states, the Bulldogs and the Forces scarcely cross paths as they belong to separate leagues that do not compete against one another.

    The Bulldogs represent the best of gymnastic freestyle jumping found mostly in white suburbia, while the Forces belong to the inner- city African American tradition of Double Dutch.

    For the first time, both the Bulldogs and the Forces decide to enter a competition at the world famous Apollo Theater called the Holiday Classic. The film follows the young athletes on both teams (age 11 to 18) as they passionately prepare for the event.

    Doubletime culminates on stage in Harlem with this rowdy crowd- pleasing contest which features "fusion" routines where Double Dutch is blended with hip- hop dance and music.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Winner, Best Documentary, Seattle Film Festival
    * Winner, Best Sports Documentary, New York Newsday
    * Winner, Crystal Heart Award, Heartland Film Festival
    * Official Selection, South by Southwest Film Festival
    * Official Selection, Tribeca Film Festival
    * Official Selection, AFI/ Silverdocs Film Festival
    * Official Selection, Edinburgh International Film Festival


    "Doubletime echoes both Spellbound and Mad Hot Ballroom in format and irresistible cuteness. But what Doubletime. has over those two is the visuals. There's nothing like watching hip-hop-infused double-dutch performed by athletes spinning through the air as ropes twirl around them, especially at New York's Apollo Theater, where the cheering, dancing audience adds as much energy to the film as those onstage do” – Austin Chronicle

    "Engaging personalities and jaw-dropping routines make this a crowd-pleaser…Lensing and editing are sharp… Excellent soundtrack.” – Variety

    "I almost cried at the end... It's a moving celebration of youthful humanity and its ability to do astounding things with ropes, muscles and brains. But it is also an arrestingly frank look at race and culture in America.” – New York Newsday

    "Get ready to tap your feet while watching this energizing documentary, which culminates with a double Dutch–fusion competition at Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater." - Booklist

    "Recommended for general collections. High school and middle school audiences will love it for its music, sportsmanship, artistry, and mad skills and so will you." - Educational Media Reviews Online