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    Directed by Russell Martin
    2012, 76 minutes
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    A profoundly moving and compelling portrait of one of the world's most remarkable hospitals, located in the bustling heart of Mexico City, which provides affordable, life-saving and life-transforming facial reconstructive surgery for local children. A truly remarkable film from the producer of Two Spirits .

    Founded by pioneer surgeon Dr. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio, the plastic surgery unit of Hospital General Gea Gonzalez, is considered among the most renowned reconstructive plastic surgery centers. With technical brilliance, imagination and compassion Dr. Ortiz Monasterio and his interdisciplinary team have treated thousands of disfigured children with revolutionary craniofacial surgery, consisting of cutting, displacing and rearranging facial bones.

    It is a hospital that ably demonstrates that even the very poor can receive excellent medical care. On any given day, more than a thousand families will wait patiently for services, often for many hours. But the level of attention and expertise they receive is unmatched. The expert surgeons and doctors who work here are able to subsidize their salaries by owning separate plastic surgery practices.

    Beautiful Faces offers an incredibly revealing account of the entire process by following caregivers and care receivers at different stages. We follow the surgeons as they conduct initial consultations, discuss strategies at brainstorming sessions, and practice their craft in the operating room. While some young children and families prepare for a first operation, other young adults, former patients who have been able to build a new life, return to the hospital to share their stories.

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    Festivals & Awards

    * Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
    * Ojai Film Festival
    * Bergen International Film Festival
    * Winner, Silver Palm Award, Mexico International Film Festival


    " Highly Recommended . A poignant documentary. Much of the documentary is narrated in Spanish with English subtitles, but the themes examined in this lovely award-winning film are universal: the parents’ love and hopes for their children and the passionate dedication of the doctors are the two main themes... This would be an excellent film for undergraduate social sciences classes as well as those for medical students, particularly those interested in plastic surgery as a career." - Educational Media Reviews Online

    "A great documentary... Seeing this film is one of the most significant human and spiritual experiences I’ve had in recent years. What pride it gave me in being a doctor, what pride to find work like this in Mexico…what pride I found in the hope of these families.” - Dr. Fernando Lorenzo Rego, Executive Director of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights

    "I refer you to the splendid documentary Beautiful Faces . . . Over the years, the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Hospital General Gea Gonzalez—with its professionalism, capacity for innovation, quality, and compassion—has become a national and international reference point, the quiet pride of Mexico.”- Federico Reyes Heroles, Reforma