ALL ABOUT ANN: governor richards of the lone star state

ALL ABOUT ANN: governor richards of the lone star state

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    Directed by Keith Patterson and Phillip Schopper
    2014, 82 minutes
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    Feisty, fiery, a force of nature, and funny as hell. These are a few of the terms that were used to describe Ann Richards, one of the most charismatic American political figures of the last 30 years. This compelling portrait tells her remarkable story, from the young girl who grew up poor in rural Texas to the beloved national icon and Democratic leader who rose to power in a conservative stronghold.

    Governor Richards was the first woman to be elected to the Texas's highest office. She emerged on the national stage as Texas state treasurer delivering a blistering keynote speech at the 1988 Democratic National Convention. ("Poor George, he can't help it — he was born with a silver foot in his mouth.") As state treasurer, she computerized public finances and set revenue records. As governor, she diversified state government, used her experience with recovery from alcoholism to inaugurate drug-rehab programs in prisons and wrangled with big insurance.

    The film features interviews with close friends, family members, and admirers, including former husband David Richards, daughter Cecile, and son Dan, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Michael Dukakis, and columnist Liz Smith, as well as Claire Korioth, her campaign consultant, Mary Beth Rogers, her chief of staff, Suzanne Coleman, a longtime speechwriter, Ronald Kirk, former mayor of Dallas, and Henry Cisneros, former mayor of San Antonio.

    All about Ann tells the story of an incredibly powerful female figure, inspiring then, and now.

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    Official Selection, Tribeca Film Festival


    "Highly Recommended . An engrossing venture into politics, media, business, and public speaking. All About Ann is informative, inspirational, and entertaining. One leaves this film feeling almost as if one had met Richards. Throughout, the audience is given samples of her verbal cunning, along with a sense of her impact from contemporaries ranging from Willie Nelson to former President Bill Clinton.This superb work focuses on themes and devices used in her political campaigns, demonstrating how she promoted her platform, disarmed her political opponents, and recruited support, all while dealing with health issues and media questions about alleged drug abuse. Further, it is a subtle editorial on the state of women in politics in the U.S." - Educational Media Reviews Online

    “This funny and compelling film is recommended to all viewers interested in American politics.” –Library Journal

    “Richards’s easy humor and obvious zest for politics will keep most students engaged. Viewers will come away with a greater understanding of a woman who left her mark on the “good ol’ boy” world of politics in her state and nationwide.” –School Library Journal

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