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    A film by Pascal Plisson
    2012, 75 minutes
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    2014 César winner for Best Documentary, On the Way to School interweaves the stories of four children from around the world whose desire to learn and better their lives through education forces them to contend with arduous, often perilous journeys every day on their way to the classroom.

    These children live thousands of miles apart in Africa, South America, and India ' but share the same thirst for knowledge. They understand that attending school, every single day, is their only hope for a brighter future, for themselves and their families.

    Jackson, 11, lives in Kenya. Twice a day he and his younger sister walk 15 kilometers through a savannah populated by wild animals.

    Carlito, 11, rides more than 18 kilometers twice a day with his younger sister, across the plains of Argentina, regardless of the weather.

    Zahira, 12, lives in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. An exhausting walk on foot along punishing mountain paths awaits her before she and her two girlfriends can reach their boarding school.

    Samuel, 13, lives in India. The 4 kilometers he has to travel each day are an ordeal, as he doesn't have the use of his legs. His two younger brothers have to push him all the way to school in a makeshift wheelchair.

    On The Way to School immerses us in the extraordinary routines of these children, whose sheer will to accomplish their dream leads them onto a path we have all walked ' but never quite like this.

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    Official Selection, NAME Multicultural Film Festival


    "There"s no doubt that each one of these kids is remarkable, not only in their sheer physical tenacity, but in their sincere hope that an education will lead to a better life." -Hollywood Reporter

    "As we watch the different paths these children take to go to school, their transformative journeys become ours and we are reminded that education is a treasure that our families and communities nurture within us sometimes at a great sacrifice because they do trust that the future can be a better place than the present. "Forest Whitaker

    "This quartet of beautifully photographed incredible journeys speak inspirational volumes."-Los Angeles Times

    "Recommended. A beautifully crafted reminder that we often and easily forget the privileges we so carelessly enjoy."-Educational Media Reviews Online