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    Directed by Roberto Ando
    2014, 94 minutes
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    In this chilling story about world politics, the great Toni Servillo (THE GREAT BEAUTY) defies expectations playing two roles, imbuing each character with brilliant nuance. In the first, he personifies political failure in the role of the disgraced ideologue and party leader, Enrico Oliveri. In the second, he embodies the shrewd genius of a madman as Oliveriís unhinged twin brother who seizes control of the nation amidst the void of his brotherís disappearance.

    As the national election approaches, Enrico Oliveri has plummeted in the polls and his supporters and adversaries alike begin to acknowledge his impending downfall. Unwilling to face the failure of his party and his nation, Oliveri vanishes into the night. The party leadership tries to hedge for time by concealing Oliveriís disappearance with a series of acrobatic sidesteps. In a desperate move, right hand man Andrea Bottini seeks out Oliveriís look-alike twin brother, Giovanni Ernani, a prolific author and philosopher who is freshly released from an insane asylum. Slowly and steadily, Giovanni insinuates himself into his brotherís public persona, impersonating Oliveriís every tick and mannerism exquisitely Ė yet slightly imperfectly.

    Giovanni quickly surpasses his brotherís political prowess with an eerie talent for rallying the masses through fearless and heroic speeches. As Ando shifts between the failure of the sincere intellectual and the heroics of a madman, he probes the driving forces behind our contemporary global political reality leaving behind a rich web of questions in this unpredictable and provocative thriller.

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