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    A film by Jem Cohen
    2015, 110 minutes.
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    Fifteen linked chapters that conjoin city symphony, diary film, and personal/political essay (documentary’s unruly stepchildren) to build a vivid portrait of contemporary life. Shot in locations including Russia, Istanbul, and New York City, its subjects range from naturally occurring Moscow street theater to NSA spying to the dismantling of Brooklyn landmarks. In Cohen’s 30 year exploration of documentary as a path of open inquiry, the film is perhaps his most personal reckoning.

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    "A wistful meditation on the world, its beauties, mysteries and injustices." -The New York Times

    "Cohen has a miraculous, critical eye that looks toward human interaction and the nature of working-class life, and a fondness for the native juxtapositions we find in every city between ever-growing commercialization of space and labor."-Artinfo

    "Sublime. Proof that a talented film director can find beauty and grace at the most unexpected moments." –New York Observer


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