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    Directed by Ximing Zhang
    2018, 44 minutes
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    Iíve Got a Little Problem chronicles internationally renowned photographer and poet Ren Hangís struggle with Chinese censorship, painful public scrutiny, and manic depression, that eventually sent his life spiraling out of control. Filmed just months before Renís sudden passing in 2017, Iíve Got a Little Problem gives unprecedented access to Renís unconventional artistic process and shines a light on what it takes to pursue artistic and creative freedom in China.

    Known for his provocative and sensual portraits of naked young models that gave a glimpse into the intimate lives of Chinese youth, Ren Hangís erotic, playful and casual expression gained him worldwide notoriety after his first solo gallery show in Shanghai, 2010. Since then, Ren has had multiple run-ins with PRC authorities for violating Chinaís obscenity laws. He was championed by Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, who not only included Renís photos in his show, Fuck Off 2 The Sequel, but also curated Renís solo exhibition in Paris. Ren also focused on marginalized people in Chinese society with gender identity disorders by 'indeterminating' sex and gender in some of his work. His work was not only profiled in but also used as the cover of Aperture Magazineís Queer photography issue. Renís photos were also included in Frank Oceanís magazine Boys Donít Cry, and the photographer has worked with fashion houses Gucci, Rick Owens, and Loewe.

    Iíve Got a Little Problem delineates the arduous process that Ren takes to create and exhibit his photos. The documentary begins with Ren Hang consulting a lawyer about how to skate around Chinaís obscenity laws, only to have the discussion evolve into an argument where Ren must defend his work as art, and not pornography. Ren struggles to even get his work printed Ė  printers often refuse to work with him, and even when they do, his printed photos are vandalized by the printers themselves. Interspersed with intimate interviews of Ren, who recounts his start into photography, to his first run-in with authorities, Iíve Got a Little Problem enters the mind of a singular artist who is willing to sacrifice everythingĖeven his own sanityĖto pursue his artistic vision. 

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