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    Examines the worldwide crisis in teenage pregnancies through four case studies of teenage mothers in Ghana, England, Cuba, and the U.S., thereby providing a cross-cultural survey of the underlying reasons for the increasing rate of adolescent pregnancies and also discussing the hazards to the health and well-being of such young mothers. In addition to interviews with the four young girls and their families, the film features commentary from a variety of scholars and professionals concerned with public health, sex education, population issues, and women's rights, who discuss ways to cope with the problem.

    Produced by Caroline van den Brul
    1990, 55 minutes
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    * Red Ribbon, American Film and Video Festival
    * Bronze Apple, National Educational Film and Video Festival

    *** Good "...an overview of the complex problems and issues involved...a good addition to introductory material on this topic."--Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    "...enlightening...informative."--Booklist (American Library Association)

    "...done with dignity and openness...will stimulate discussion in high school and college social studies classes."--Sightlines (American Film and Video Association)

    "...fascinating...a good film."--National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting

    **** "...an excellent and thought-provoking production...For general audiences as well as for women's studies, sociology, and sex education classes."--American Film and Video Association Evaluations

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