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    This provocative documentary, blending interviews with archival footage, examines the nature of shared national identity and what it means to be an American today. It profiles Americans in a variety of communities throughout the country, features interviews with numerous historians and writers, and draws upon a wide range of American culture, from 18th century quilts to Star Trek, from Walt Whitman to The Wizard of Oz. Designed as a discussion-stimulator, the video broaches such themes as the relation between personal history and national history, the interpenetration of culture and politics, what unites and divides us as a people, the role of race and ethnicity in America, and the complexity of everyday life.

    Directed by Andrea Simon
    1996, 60 minutes
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    * Gold Medal, Charleston WorldFest

    " excellent film! outstanding contribution...invaluable as a conversation starter, both in classrooms and in related community programs."-Diane Eisenberg, Project Director, Exploring America's Communities, American Association of Community Colleges

    "...intriguing...stylishly illustrates the diversity in heritage and outlook that is the nation's very most successful in giving the dialogue an energy and a passion, which makes you care about what these people are saying."-Daily Variety

    "...thoroughly enjoyable...a fine enterprise."-United Features Syndicate

    "...a wonderful resource for individuals and organizations to use in confronting prejudice and discrimination."-Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith

    "...wonderful...could clearly be used for conversations not just on our evolving American identity, but on other issues as well (immigration, race and ethnicity, cross-cultural communication)."-Susan Warner-Mills, Project Director, Community Connection, The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania

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