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    Features interviews with young people in South Africa, both white and black, who fought on opposing sides during the country's era of apartheid rule, from youthful cadres engaged in the liberation struggle and members of black township self-defense units engaged in guerrilla war, to the white conscripts in the South African Army's border war and young Afrikaners fearful of social change. In addition to conveying the stories of these young people, brutalized by the circumstances of a nation at war, the video also discusses the need for the reconstruction of young people's lives through education and life-skills training as well as healing through psychological reconstruction and counseling.

    Directed by Kevin Harris
    1995, 58 minutes
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    “…an arresting and graphic account of death, violence, and brutality…Students studying the post-colonial struggle to build viable communities out of the ashes of years of trauma will find the experiences vividly documented here both disturbing and hopeful.” – School Library Journal

    “…a definitive, post-apartheid, post-war documentary…Although [the video] will upset many viewers for different reasons, it has enormous impact and again reflects Harris’ immense ability to bring our lives into the sharpest focus without losing compassion.” – The Star (South Africa)